Efimovna Gurevich

Russia • 1904−1993

Born in Kharkov, where her childhood and early youth. With ten years began to study drawing in 1919 for the first time participated in an art exhibition. In the early 1920s, studying at Kharkiv art College E. A. Bloch, a student of Rodin. In 1925 — 1926 Gurevich — Intern research Formal Theoretical Department of the Museum of artistic culture in Petrograd under the leadership of Malevich. In 1927 he moved to Moscow, where, until 1932, is a student of Vladimir Favorsky, as well as in the Studio, founded by his disciple J. Apter. During the war in the evacuation worked a lot in theatre, doing mostly painting and costumes. Until 1972 Gurevich worked as an artist in the Musical theater. K. S. Stanislavsky and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. After retirement, she threw herself into the easel art

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