Nikolayevich Shilder

Russia • 1861−1919

A landscape painter. Also wrote theatrical scenery. Systematic arts education did not have; studied under I. I. Shishkin, visiting his shop. The influence of I. I. Shishkin partly affected his subsequent work. Travelling exhibitions attended from 1884 to 1918 (member of the Association since 1894). 1903-- academician.

To be a disciple of I. I. Shishkin and not experience the effects of such a powerful human and creative nature — this probably could not be. Therefore, it is clear that among the landscapes of Andrei Nikolaevich Schilder you can find pictures Shishkin pine forests, covered with snow, impassable thickets, springs among the trees. But it is clear both to achieve the epic grandeur Shishkin, you need to be no less of a lump in the painting. And therefore, considering such works of A. N. Of Schilder as the "Fog in the mountains", "stream in the forest", "Ravine", "Park", "Cottage in Finland", "Birch forest", note great softness, lyricism, some domacnosti in the image of nature, like landscapes artist made the move several steps towards the creations of I. I. Levitan. In 1903 A. N. Schilder became an academician of landscape painting. Special popularity brought him a great view of the plants Nobel "City", which the artist wrote to Nizhny Novgorod all-Russian exhibition in 1896. Interesting picture "the Village. Sunset": she's probably one of the last works of the artist. A simple edge of a poor village. Reclaimed from printesa pieces of land. Meager harvest. Ahead of the winter, does not promise anything good (the year of writing of landscape 1919). And yet life must go on. And nature, arguing with the impending fall will bring a lot of warm moments and even hours. We let the warm knowledge that the work of A. N. Of Schilder presented in many regional art museums and galleries.

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