Native Speech. School of Russian Landscape

Exposición 2 de febrero − 27 de marzo 2022
Artifact Gallery is hosting a large-scale exhibition "Native Speech. School of Russian Landscape".

The exhibition includes works by Isaac Levitan, Ivan Aivazovsky, Vasily Polenov, Ivan Shishkin, Alexei Savrasov, and many other famous landscape painters. Visitors will be able to see the masterpieces of the School of Russian Landscape (Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and MUZhVZ in Moscow) kept in private collections.

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the thematic and stylistic diversity of the Russian landscape of the late XIX - first half of XX century. The works of the masters of academic painting, the followers of the Impressionistic method in painting were in a single art-space. The imagery ranges from the sun-warmed South of Russia to the snow-covered Russian North, from the big cities to the quiet parts of nature in different seasons. Many works by great Russian artists are available for public viewing for the first time.

Prepared according to the website of Galeary center "Artefact".