Exhibition of Catherine Antropova "Reflections"

Exhibition 14 − February 28, 2019
On February 14, at 17:00, ALPERT GALLERY will open the doors for guests of Ekaterina Antropova's exhibition “Reflections”. Ekaterina Antropova is an artist and teacher, a member of the International Association of Artists, a graduate of the Surikov Institute (workshop of Tair Salakhov).
Simple and somewhat childishly naive images of the surrounding world, caught by the artist’s adult gaze, turn into a carnival world on the verge of reality and imagination: Catherine seals a colorful dream memory on a canvas, a reflection of reality. The bright colors that she prefers to use in her works resemble the stained glass of ancient cathedrals and add up to a clear picture, unambiguous and at the same time mysterious. The main theme of her works is the world around her: a combination of different textures and forms, refracted through the author's view of worldly plots, subtle longing for places once seen. Ekaterina Antropova about the exhibition: “I am inspired by the beauty of the world, which can be seen in many ways. Photos, trips, sunny day - anything can cause excitement in the soul. You know, like Akhmatova’s: “When you would know from what litter verses grow, not knowing shame. Like a yellow dandelion near the fence, like mugs and quinoa. ” But this is not rubbish at all - this is the very reflection of a reality common to all, but in fact different for everyone. ” The exposition of the exhibition "Reflections" will include more than 30 paintings of various genres: from small studies and landscapes to large-scale psychedelic paintings.