Exhibition of AI Weiwei "Law of travel"

Exhibition March 17, 2017 − January 7, 2018
In Prague National gallery an exhibition of works by Chinese conceptual artist AI Weiwei, dedicated to forced migrants. The Central object of the exposition of "the Law of the journey" - a 70-foot boat and more than 300 large faceless figures, and the artist himself, is one of the most significant contemporary artists in the world — says that "there is no refugee crisis, only a crisis of humanity."

Black faceless figures in a boat and rescue circles — objects new installation of AI Weiwei reflects a deep human tragedy experienced by thousands of people forced to leave their homes in the hope to save lives — their own and their children.

A detailed story about the exhibition - in the material Archive "In Prague opened a large-scale installation by AI Weiwei "Law of travel"

Photo: Helena Fikerová, ryb.ru, Agencia EFE (source: jaquealarte.com)