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Exhibition Anatoly Speck "Tolerance"

Exhibition May 10 − June 9, 2019
From May 10 to June 9 in the Attic of Artists you can get acquainted with the works of Anatoly Speka at his exhibition entitled “Tolerance”.
Anatoly, who works in St. Petersburg and Denmark, will present diverse subjects at the exhibition - from pastoral southern landscapes to interpretations of current world events intertwined with biblical motifs.

Speke prefers to write from life, interpreting the concept of nature fairly widely. He believes that not only the external world, but also the internal one, is in kind, and he calls abstraction “realism from within the head”. In the search for material for his painting, Anatoly is not limited to visual images, reflecting the whole range of sensations in his paintings. The sound is as interesting for an artist as visual impressions, and, continuing the Vasile Kandinsky synesthetic tradition, Speke writes music on canvas, the smell of lilac and the song of a thrush.

Speaking about the diversity of plots, Anatoly recalls the words of one of his teachers, Nikolai Sazhin: “The artist who repeats is the dead artist. To live, you must search. ” And the artist is looking for - he writes the roofs of St. Petersburg, views from the windows of Blok and Nekrasov, dancing in a whirlwind of skirts and the color of capoeiristas, the growth of grass from a seed in the ground through a sprout and straight to the sky-blue glare on the blade of grass.

Anatoly Specki’s exhibition, above all, about what interests him, touches him for living. Whether it’s shabby Petersburg walls, the rustle of fallen leaves, or the lighting solution that attracted the artist - all this coexists in his “mobile painting” on an equal footing, referring to the title of the exhibition not only in a plot, but also conceptually.
Galleries at the exhibition