Meet Polish painting

Exhibition June 15 − September 3, 2017
The Khanenko Museumfor the first time in the framework of its project "European dimension" is the work of famous Polish painters of the 18th-early 20th centuries. Paintings courtesy of the Lviv National gallery of arts of the Boris Voznytsky. That is where the best in Ukraine collection of Polish painting of 18-20 centuries, which had never exported outside of the city.

The exhibition features over 20 paintings by Jan Matejko, Jacek palchevskogo, Henrik Semiradsky, Olga Boznanska, Vladislav Bakalovich, Kossak Wojciech, józef Mehoffer artists familiar to European collectors, but virtually unknown in Ukraine. Romantics and realists, adherents of academic and symbolist, impressionist and supporters of different currents of modernism. Graduates of German, Austrian, Parisian art schools and academies, they were and are the living symbols of cosmopolitanism and universality of art, as in this case, and these visual emblems of the Polish national identity.

The exhibition "Polish painting" will run from 15 June to 3 September.