Lauded and ridiculed. French painting 1820 - 1880

Exhibition November 10, 2017 − January 28, 2018
Romanticism, realism, naturalism, the Barbizon school, impressionism - all these concepts spread throughout the world from France of the XIX century. The artists who created these styles - Gerico, Delacroix, Corot, Daumier, Mille, Courbet, Manet, Sisley, Monet and Renoir - rejected the then dominant academicism and neoclassicism. But, despite their revolutionary approaches, many of them still adhered to traditions. Strictly criticized their time, later they were proclaimed "forerunners of modernism."

But in the French painting of the XIX century there are many other equally important names. Such masters as Delaroche, Couture, Mesonier, Cabanel, Jerome, Bouguereau at that time were bathing in recognition and compliments of both critics and the public. Despite the fact that they adhered to traditions, their methods in some cases were innovative. However, by the beginning of the 20th century, these outstanding artists were on the sidelines.

Exposition"Praised and mocked. French Painting 1820 - 1880 » in Kunsthaus Zurich for the first time in Switzerland combines various approaches in French painting, creating a rich and diverse panorama of the genres of the era.

The exhibition covers the period between 1820 and 1880 years. In 1822, in the official Salon, Delacroix appeared for the first time, challenging Engra and his neoclassical colleagues, and in 1880 the Salon stopped financing governments. During this period, Gerico, Corot, Dobigny, Courbet, Manet, Pissarro and Monet also abandoned academic and neoclassical styles.