365. Things you'd rather forget

Exhibition 4 − October 17, 2020
What is coffee in a paper cup to you? A short morning pleasure? A habit? Part of the image? Have you ever thought about the damage this daily "ritual" does to the planet? Artist Stepan Elizarov invites to talk about environmental problems.

Many of us do not take our environment seriously enough by overconsuming and generously “endowing” the planet with waste. To make people think about this problem and visually illustrate the scale of the disaster, artist Stepan Elizarov created eight art objects, each of which consists of rubbish. Namely - 365 plastic cups, 365 sticks for stirring coffee, 365 disposable forks, 365 knives, 365 toothpicks, 730 sticks for sushi (two for each day of the year) and 7,300 cigarettes (one pack for each day). If only one person can produce so much waste, then it is not difficult to imagine the mountains of garbage created by millions.