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Exhibition January 23, 2021 − February 22, 2022
The Cinema Museum has reopened its doors to the public and offers you new exhibition - "Jubilee Project. 20/21". It continues the series of exhibitions devoted to national animated films that are celebrating their anniversaries. The exhibition features sketches, storyboards, celluloid phases and puppets for the paintings of masters of different generations. We invite you to the workshop of cartoonists - creators of amazing, authorial worlds, in which life is refracted in a special way.

The exposition is built according to the chronological principle. Following the exhibition "route", you will remember the cartoons familiar from your childhood or discover unfamiliar masterpieces of national animation.

Among the exhibits are materials for the films "The Black Hen" directed by Yuri Trofimov (1975), "Blue Arrow" (directed by Iosif Douksha, Maya Buzinova, 1985), "China on Fire" (directed by Zenon Komissarenko, Yuri Merkulov, Nikolai Khodataev, 1925). Zenon Komissarenko, Yuri Merkulov, Nikolai Khodataev, 1925), "The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep" (directed by Lev Atamanov, 1965), "The Humpbacked Horse" (directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano, 1975), "The Boatman" (directed by Inessa Kovalevskaya, 1970), "Well, Wait! (directed by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, 1970), The Lion with the Grey Beard (directed by Andrei Khrzhanovsky, 1995).

From the accompanying text-explanations you will learn how animated films were created and are created in different techniques: with celluloid, in the "transposition" technique, by means of "dimensional" (that is, puppet) animation. The original design of the exposition will help you plunge into the special, magical world of animation.
Galleries at the exhibition