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Two Rebirths

Exhibition November 30, 2021 − March 31, 2022
Art Center, Moscow invites you to visit the exhibition "Two Renaissance."the first of its kind in the world, it is a masterpiece of the Italian and Northern Renaissance.

Among the artists whose works are on display are masters of the Sienese, Florentine, Venetian and Northern Italian schools: Andrea di Bartolo, Sano di Pietro, Nicolo di Pietro, Master San Jacopo a Mucciana, Santi di Tito, Francesco Benaglio, Niccolo di Pietro Gerini, Niccolo di Tommaso and Giorgio Schiavone. Viewers will see works by artists of the early Dutch, German, Flemish and Dutch schools, among the names are Jan Cornelison Vermehen, Master of the Holy Blood, Master of the Portraits of Princes, Peter Claessens the Younger, Master of the Flock Altarpiece, representatives of the Swabian and Austrian schools and others.

One of the purposes of the exhibition is to demonstrate the similarities, differences, and mutual influence of the artistic languages and techniques of the two regions. Despite the emergence of secular subjects in art, Renaissance artists never abandoned religious subjects. Paintings of a religious nature are widely represented in the exhibition.

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Galleries at the exhibition