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Exhibition 2 − October 10
In the heart of Moscow, in the exhibition hall of the Antique Center on the Garden, was on sale exhibition "Colors of Autumn.
Organizer "Art gallery".
With the support of the Eurasian Nobility Society.

An outstanding event of the year, not just an exhibition, but a space in which artists communicated with their colleagues and, most importantly, with the audience, receiving feedback.

The exhibition featured a variety of works by artists of different creative directions - still life, animalism, urban landscape, abstraction, symbolism, minimalism, primitivism, romanticism, energetics. The exhibition also aims to support the work of Russian artists and tell about them to as large an audience as possible, because art is an important cultural component of the nation, able to truly revive the traditions of our country, and giving strength to every person contemplating the beautiful.

Exhibited 8 paintings, Alexander took a worthy place and warm interest of the audience.

"Colors of Autumn" is an opportunity to feel the energy and light from each work, to be charged with positive emotions, to connect in the creative field with other like-minded people and the audience.

Unity in the diversity of the beautiful!
And the organizers managed to create a warm and productive atmosphere.
Thanks for the invitation!