Exhibition "Import Substitution in Restoration Technologies and Materials

Exhibition 24 − November 26, 2022
The exhibition "Import Substitution in Restoration Technologies and Materials. Preserving Cultural Heritage" will be held at the Winzavod exhibition center from November 24 to 26, 2022. It will be held by the Moscow Government together with the Russian Association of Restorers.
The schedule of events of the business program and professional master classes is published on the website of the exhibition www.сохранениенаследия.рф.
The purpose of the exhibition, which takes place for the first time, is to gather representatives of the restoration community, educational and research institutions, suppliers of materials, equipment, public associations, commercial structures, developers and investors to discuss topical issues and find solutions; to meet potential suppliers and buyers, to promote the process of import substitution of materials and technologies in restoration. The event will be attended by 20 architects-restorers of the Donbas National Academy of Architecture and Construction, they will get acquainted with the objects of cultural heritage, the latest restoration technologies and present their work.
The exposition will occupy an area of 2.5 thousand square meters. More than 100 exhibitors will take part in the exhibition: manufacturers of restoration materials; developers; producers of works - technologists, suppliers of equipment and materials, they will share their technologies in various areas and hold professional master classes. In essence, it will be presentations of domestic manufacturers of restoration materials and material suppliers.
More than 30 events will be held within the business program: panel sessions, professional discussions, round tables, lectures and presentations by the leading specialists in the sphere of preservation of the cultural heritage. Among the key subjects: preservation of the sites of cultural heritage as new points of attraction for the development of the local tourism; Russian restoration technologies; development of the voluntary work in the sphere of preservation of the Russian historical and cultural heritage; attestation and licensing in the sphere of preservation of the cultural heritage; presentation of the educational institutions that train specialists in restoration.
At the exhibition there will be a platform for the competitions of young restorers. There will be 35 students from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Orel and Naberezhnye Chelny. They will be offered tasks in the restoration of woodwork, easel oil paintings, stucco decoration, masonry made of artificial and natural stone and metal roofing, as well as in the elimination of the most common defects that occur on the facades of historic buildings.
In the master class area, where 50 classes are planned, with the slogan "Restorers - keepers of the profession", they will talk about the restoration of paintings, textiles, stained glass, archaeological leather, works of wood and natural stone, masonry, stucco and stucco decoration. There are also master classes for children.
Events will be held daily on November 24-26, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Free admission for visitors
Address: Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, BVH, 1/8 4th Syromyatnichesky Lane