Labyrinth of shapes: women and abstraction

Mostra 9 ottobre 2021 − 13 marzo 2022
The Whitney Museum of American Art holds an exhibition "The Labyrinth of Forms: Women and Abstraction".

A significant number of American abstractionists were women, and their efforts contributed to the formal, technical, and conceptual evolution of abstract art. Some, such as Lee Krasner and Louise Nevelson, have received due recognition, but most go unnoticed despite their contributions. With more than thirty-seven works by twenty-seven artists, the project highlights both the achievements of the authors and how works on paper have served as platforms for important research and innovation.

In the 1930s and 1940s abstraction began to gain momentum as an exciting, fresh approach to contemporary art, and a number of American artists devoted themselves to it. "Labyrinth of Forms," a title inspired by Alice Trumbull Mason's work in the exhibition, alludes to the sense of discovery that drove these artists to create a visual language reflective of twentieth-century achievements.

Prepared according to the materials of the website Whitney Museum of American Art.