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nato a 1958
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Maksimov Andrei Viktorovich, was born in the Ulyanovsk region. in 1958, lives in Russia. As early as school took a great interest in creativity and studied at the art school in Zelenodolsk (Kazan region) for 4 years. After service in the Soviet Army entered in 1980 in Kuibyshev (now Samara Art College). Graduated from it in 1984. In parallel with the studies I worked as a scenic artist in the organization Kuibyshev domestic advertising. Engaged for a long time design interiors of shopping centers and consumer services. During Perestroika with his wife (Petrova Evgeniya) he created the cooperative "Aesthetics" and continued to decorate interiors in Samara and Samara region. Participated in collective exhibitions in 2001-2002. "Later he took part in several more regional exhibitions in Penza, Astrakhan and other cities. In 2022 he took part in the exhibition "Festival of Abstract Art" in Moscow. Kuznetsky Most, 20 in April.
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