Grigorje Galiaf

Russia • Sverdlovskaya Oblast' • born in 1974 • artist
Maxim Grigoriev
Jewelry Artist
Yekaterinburg 620023
Contributing to the cultural heritage of mankind by creating beauty
Work experience
Artist of exclusive jewelry
Art - Ekaterinburg August 1991 to present
I manage a studio of jewelry design "MAKS GALIAF", the owner of the jewelry firm Monisto, create jewelry designs, jewelry models, assembling products, engraving, polishing, setting stones, doing volume cutting of precious stones (carving), winner of several major awards of Russia (jewelry art), winner of international awards (Grand Prix)
Incomplete higher education - Jewelry Art Department
Ural State Academy of Architecture - Yekaterinburg
September 2005 to present
Sverdlovsk Art Vocational School 42 - Yekaterinburg
September 1989 to May 1991 Skills
- Carving
- Drawing
- Engraving
- Jewelry making
- Drawing
- Modeling
- Cash handling
1st place in the "GOLDEN COLLECTION OF RUSSIA" nomination

August 2006
Artistic decision of a series of rings "Petersburg bridges" rings on motives of bridges of St. Petersburg. unfortunately I could not convince Ringo - to embody my vision of the collection in a decent amount, but nevertheless - 5 of 90 conceived rings were created
Certificates and licenses
DM/DC processing
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