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Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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Auguste Renoir  was influenced neither by money nor by fame, he could not tolerate intellectuals and sticklers, but most of all he was afraid that his children would get into business. He appreciated scientific achievements, but was sure that science took the wrong turn: piece production was replaced by the batch one. Renoir didn't care about political regime or ideology – he preferred to remain…
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The exhibition has ended French impressionism
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It was the same disaster that once demolished Pompeii that made that provincial locality an international brand. The only city that has come to us fully preserved from ancient times, it is still full of surprises, as, now and then, superb frescoes show themselves again after two thousand years’ long oblivion. Their brilliant artfulness continues to puzzle researchers, while sceptics deny their…

Elena Lis
, 10 December 2018 04:47 PM 0
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К сожалению, статья переполнена неточностями :( Очевидно, что автор никогда не бывал ни в Помпеях, ни в Археологическом музее в Неаполе. Зачем же писать о том, чего не знаешь и вводить других в заблуждение?
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Bay, Sea, Green Cliffs
Bay, Sea, Green Cliffs
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
1895, 27×40 cm
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