Alexandrovna Danilova

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1977 • artist
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My name is Alexandra Danilova. I am an artist from St. Petersburg (Russia).
I am a professional ballerina, graduated from Tbilisi Choreographic School, worked in St. Petersburg Theatre "Choreographic Miniatures Jacobson" Also, I completed a course of interior design in the design school "Artfutura", attended classes in painting in the school for adults "Artika".
My creative quest is "elusive beauty. I believe that contemplating the beauty of nature heals the human soul and allows me to slow down in the endless race of life. Each painting holds the full range of my feelings, I can't what I don't feel attracted to.
I am inspired by nature, by its beauty, which in any of its manifestations is perfection. I love color, for me the world is color. Mixing colors, creating new shades is as much an act of creativity as painting. I like to find out what the viewer feels when he looks at a painting, what experience he lives through.
A new theme in my work is the expression of images without objects - abstraction. I'm looking for ways to realize an idea using only color and stain, without tying the image to the shape of the object, exploring the influence of color on the viewer's perception.
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