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National art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv

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Yuri Pavlovich Lutskevich. Apotheosis of painting (the Artist and the model)
Apotheosis of painting (the Artist and the model)
Karp Demjanovich Trokhimenko. Footage Of The Dnieper
Footage Of The Dnieper
Karp Demjanovich Trokhimenko
1937, 166×120 cm
Sergey Alekseevich Grigoriev. Admission to the Komsomol
Admission to the Komsomol
Fedor Grigorievich Krichevsky. Family. Triptych "Life", the central panel
Family. Triptych "Life", the central panel
Fedor Grigorievich Krichevsky
1927, 148.5×133.5 cm
Fedor Grigorievich Krichevsky. Return. Triptych "Life"
Return. Triptych "Life"
Fedor Grigorievich Krichevsky. Love. Triptych "Life"
Love. Triptych "Life"
Alexander Murashko. Woman with nasturtiums
Woman with nasturtiums
Alexander Murashko
1918, 92×66 cm
Alexander Murashko. The Annunciation
The Annunciation
Alexander Murashko
1909, 198×169 cm
Anatoly Galaktionovich Petritsky. Handicapped people
Handicapped people
Anatoly Galaktionovich Petritsky. Composition. Abstraction
Composition. Abstraction
Tetyana Yablonska. Youth
Tetyana Yablonska
1969, 165×150 cm
Fedor Grigorievich Krichevsky. Self portrait in a white casing
Self portrait in a white casing
Fedor Grigorievich Krichevsky
1932, 213×133.5 cm
Alexander Murashko. Laundress
Alexander Murashko
1914, 94×90 cm
Nikolay Kornilevich Pimonenko. Wedding in Kiev province
Wedding in Kiev province


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