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Painting stripes

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Cuno Amiè. A young woman in a landscape
A young woman in a landscape
Cuno Amiè
1922, 30.5×24 cm
Cuno Amiè. Portrait of a young woman in national costume
Portrait of a young woman in national costume
Cuno Amiè
1936, 206×106 cm
Henri Matisse. Nasturtiums. Panel The Dance
Nasturtiums. Panel The Dance
Henri Matisse
1912, 193×114 cm
Felix Vallotton. Lie
Felix Vallotton
1898, 24×33 cm
Jean Edouard Vuillard. Madame Vuillard sewing
Madame Vuillard sewing
Jean Edouard Vuillard
1893, 18×24.8 cm
Mariano Fortuni-i-Carbo. Cecilia de Madrazo
Cecilia de Madrazo
Mariano Fortuni-i-Carbo
XIX century, 52×38 cm
Jean Edouard Vuillard. Striped dress
Striped dress
Jean Edouard Vuillard
1890, 36×32.5 cm
Pierre Bonnard. Madame Bonnard with dogs
Madame Bonnard with dogs
Pierre Bonnard
1890, 180×80 cm
Jeanne Mammen. Ostende, am Strand
Ostende, am Strand
Jeanne Mammen
1926, 48.4×36.3 cm
Henri Matisse. Meditation
Henri Matisse
1920, 96×70 cm
Henri Matisse. Violin
Henri Matisse
1923, 96×76 cm
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Artist
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
1910, 101×76 cm
Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. Self-portrait
Zinaida Serebryakova. Portrait of Natasha Lancere with a cat
Portrait of Natasha Lancere with a cat
Zinaida Serebryakova
1924, 62×44 cm
Wayne Thibaut. Woman in striped blouse
Woman in striped blouse
Felix Vallotton. Portrait Of Gazena
Portrait Of Gazena
Felix Vallotton
1913, 81×100 cm
Bernard Boutet de Monvel. The woman standing
The woman standing
Andrew Wyeth. The edge of the forest
The edge of the forest
Andrew Wyeth
1954, 98.4×79.1 cm


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