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Night cafe

Painting, September 1888, 72.4×92.1 cm

Description of the artwork «Night cafe»

Transfer to Arles from Paris — an event that had a huge impact on the development of van Gogh as an artist. Obscure and unrecognized in the capital, Vincent settled in the South, in Provence, where he was impressed by the abundance of light and beauty. Here, despite the alienation from the local inhabitants, the painter found friends. Among them was the wife Geno, the owners of the place, which is dedicated to van Gogh painting "Night cafe".

In Arles, the artist began another creative phase, his works gained a new color, changes were made and the technique of execution. The influence of impressionism is still quite strongly felt in the paintings of Vincent, but he increasingly sought to use techniques and methods that reflect its emotional state and attitude. Van Gogh's painting "Night cafe", which is dominated by toxic, painful-alarm colors can be attributed to expressionism, despite the fact that this term was introduced into art much later.

The basic idea works written in one of the most productive periods of the artist's life, was to show the danger and the ugliness of addictions through the consciousness of the subject. Van Gogh, for which, as depicted on the canvas the visitors of the cafe, the self-destruction habit, used effective artistic techniques to transmit sensations and emotions of fallen man.

The painting van Gogh's "Night cafe" is built on the predominance of shades of red, lemon yellow and green. Each of them reflects precisely the emotional state of the characters. Color psychology is a relentless thing, and the artist uses it as one of the main modes of transmission the main idea of work. The red color symbolizes danger lurks someone who can't give up their habit, green — loneliness and self-destruction. Yellow color, which is predominant in the paintings of the artist's stay in Arles, here used as a symbol of joy, warmth and life. On the canvas there is no sun — poisonous light bulb night-school, which floats the tobacco smoke fills the hall.

An interesting technique, which van Gogh in his painting "Night cafe" makes the viewer a participant in the events. We observe the visitors through the window, not stand in the door of the establishment, horrified and disgusted looking at the people inside. We look through the eyes of one of them. The protagonist of the canvas sits at the far end of the hall, and, apparently, his mind is pretty clouded vapours of alcohol. Leaning slightly space radiating green and yellow circles of light, distorted faces of the others — the frequent flier missed not one glass. The owner of the cafe, standing in the center of the room, looks at him not with condemnation, not Vice versa, encouraging to make another order. The clock is already past midnight: the time of desperate and frustrated in life.
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Genre scene, Interior

Style of art: Post-Impressionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: September 1888

Size: 72.4×92.1 cm

Artwork in selections: 11 selections

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