Konstantinovich Savitsky

Russia • 1887−1949

Biography and information

He studied at the Penza art College 1902-1908., of the Imperial Academy of arts (1908-1915), a member of the Association of artists of revolutionary Russia in 1922, the Association of realist artists from 1927, one of the founders of the Union of Soviet artists. He taught at the Moscow art Institute (1947-1949). Winner of the Stalin prize.

Painter, teacher, academician of the Academy of arts of the USSR (1949). The son of artist-peredvizhnika K. A. Savitsky (1844-1905). He studied in the Petersburg. AH (1908-15). Lived and worked in Moscow. From 1922 a member of AHRR. From 1947 he taught in Moscow. hood. the Institute. Author roar.-ist. paintings, genre paintings, portraits, landscapes - "1919" (1921), "the First days of October" (1929), "Snowfall in Moscow" (1925), "the Ukrainian oxen" (1930), "March of the Taman army" (1933), "On maneuvers" (1938), vol. charts etc. works. Participant in the creation of the panorama "Sturm Perekop" (1934-38) and the release of "TASS Windows" (1941-42). Author of the book. "Young artists about the skills" (1952). The Winner Of The St. Ave. (1942).