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Accounts for artists / galleries

Account features
Unlimited number of artworks
Direct artwork sales without commission
Portfolio page in Arthive
Sales via Facebook and Instagram store
Portfolio app for iOS and Android
Artwork recognition via the app
Publishing artworks at the main page
No ads on web pages
Artwork views statistics
Create artist's site
Easy portfolio management via user friendly interface
Integration with social media and metrics
Manage clients
Collector mailing lists
Digital copies and prints sales
Reproductions for sale
Free 14 days trial
Will come up soon
Payments via Arthive
Artist's account
Artist's account
Artist’s website
Artist’s website
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€8.59 / Monat*
€9.99 / Monat
* – when buying a year

Mobile apps for artists / galleries

Arthive Apps — is an app maker to create apps considering needs of the artists and art lovers.

Recognition of artworks and other works
Audio guide
List of current and oncoming exhibitions
New artwork announcements, sorting and filters
Purchase requests from the app


Over a million people, whose main interest is art, use our services every month. We know which ads these people are interested in, and we know how to make these ads.

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Werbung bei Artchiv

Native ads
More than a million people use our products every month. These are people with a passion for art. We know what kind advertising interests them and how to do it.
from €300
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Thematische Wochen
Diese speziellen Projekte werden von der Redaktion sorgfältig vorbereitet. Jede Woche hat eine eigene Seite und wird im durchgehenden Werbeblock innerhalb einer Woche auf der Webseite gezeigt. Sie können bis zu fünf Publikationen, Videos und Tests enthalten.

This is how it looks like: here and here.
from €900
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Im Rahmen des interaktiven Formats kann sich die Zielgruppe mit den Kunstwerken, den Storys und dem Werk der Autoren befassen.
from €500
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