Avgustovich Stenberg

Russia • 1899−1963

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

23 Mar 1899 (Moscow) — may 1, 1982 (Moscow)

Brother of George Stenberg. The father of the brothers, August Stenberg — ethnic Swede; the artist, settled in the late 19th century in Russia.

In 1912, he entered the Stroganov school, which in 1918 was transformed into the First state free art workshops (GShM First).

In 1917 without interruption from study at the Stroganov school visited the military road courses, prepares warrant officers of engineering troops.

In 1919 he finished the First GShM in the composition of the release of the first Soviet "red artists."

Was one of the organizers of ibmohu - society of young artists

Until 1923 worked closely with his brother George and K. Medunetsky (often identified himself: "SMS", and from 1923 to 1933, only with his brother George (signed: "2 Stenberg 2" ).

In 1922 the brothers Stenberg have joined the Chamber theater A. Tairov as decorators and worked there for eight years.

The second half of the 20-ies of the Stenberg began to study the poster and first of all the movie posters.

In addition to posters and theater V. Stenberg was also engaged in book and architecural graphics and art-design works.

V. Stenberg has issued a may day and October holidays on the red plaschadi until 1963

1899 was Born in Moscow.

1912 Studying at the Stroganov Central school of industrial art for offices, coinage, painting on enamel and porcelain, theater and decorative art, V. E. Egorov, P. V. Kuznetsov, A. S., Yanova.

1915 Performs a scenery for productions at the Atelier of A. A. Khanzhonkov, in the Kiev operetta theatre.

1916 Working on a design for the theatrical performances in Moscow.

1917-1920 Studies at the First state free art workshops at the Department of monumental painting, sculpture, architecture, graphics in Georgy Yakulov. Beginning of collaboration with the brother of G. A. Stenberg.

1918-1921 formalizing theatrical performances, festive decoration of the city, art exhibitions, makes posters, tsvetokorrektsii, industrial model.

1919-1923 member of the Association of young artists Ibmohu.

1920 Creates propaganda posters for the front.

1921-1924 he worked at the Institute of artistic culture.

1922-1931 Acts as an art Director at the Chamber theater.

1923 Participates in the design of the pavilions the First all-Russian agricultural exhibition in Moscow.

1924 began to work in the "Sovkino" over the movie posters.

1925 Receives the Silver medal at the International exhibition of decorative arts in Paris on the topic of theater and decorative art.

1928 First prize in the competition of decoration of the red square.

1928-1962 Chief artist-designer red square for the festive celebrations (together with brother).

1928-1932 the Main artist of the Dnieper.

1928-1933 Main artist, Gorky Park. Gorky.

1930-1933 Teaches at the architectural-construction Institute. The Professor of drawing and design. The participant of projects of the Palace of Soviets. The project was awarded the prize.

1934-1962 After the death of his brother continues to work as the sole chief designer for the red and the Soviet space, the main artist of the Moscow Soviet. Working in theatres on the design shows.

1941 the Main artist of the Museum of VV Mayakovsky in Moscow.

1941-1945 Creates posters for the front.

1949-1952 Main artist "Motherofone". Making dioramas.

1982, Died in Moscow.

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