Ivanovich Igin

Russia • 1816−1856

Biography and information

From 1835 a foreign student of the Academy of Arts in 1841, enrolled in the Academy of arts students. In 1847 - 2 silver medal and the title of class artist for the painting "Breast picture of a man reading a book", etc. the Painter-portraitist. (Kondakov)

The farmer Podgorodnee village Arenskogo district of the Vologda province. He began to attend drawing classes at the Academy of arts from April 1834 became a pupil of Venetsianov. From 1841 systematically attended the Academy of fine Arts, worked under the leadership of P. V. basin. In 1847, the image of old Man reading a book ("the Believer") was the title of a free (class) of the artist in historical and portrait painting. In 1840-50-ies, when turned work on the decoration of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, to the execution of the paintings was attracted by seventeen artists, including Karl Brullov, Pyotr basin, Fyodor Bruni. Fedor Igin was one of many artists monumental works. He painted portraits, made copies of.