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Vasilyevich Surikov

Russia • 1897−1943

A detailed biography see the article of O. O. Roytenberg "Pavel Surikov"

Exhibition in the Central House of Scientists, the Preface to the catalogue

(Moscow, 1929)

Exhibition of Pavel Surikov there is a public report of a young artist, sent in 1927 abroad Narkomprosa, and is made up of works over a 2-year period of stay there.

The son of a poor peasant, red army commander civil war, student, then a graduate student of the Moscow State Technical art and Technical studios, seconded by the Soviet government abroad, Surikov, studying in France, Germany and Italy the wealth of old and new artistic culture of the West, at the same time maintains a strong practical work through the year arranges a solo exhibition in Paris in a working class neighborhood (the city hall of Clichy), and then participates at the exhibition "Salon of independents" and return to Moscow, invited assistant Professor of the faculty of painting Vhuteina and Stankowska was elected head of Department. That is the way one of our red specialists that serves as a good example of the process of formation of new cadres of scientific workers in the USSR.

The objective of this exhibition the artist himself understands this: "It seems to me the best form of public report on the results of the trip report which I consider it my duty to represent not only the Agency, which gave me the opportunity to improve their artistic knowledge and skills, but also to the Soviet public. However, this report form will allow me to take into account those errors and omissions that inevitably different way of mastering one of the most difficult arts."

As for creativity of Pavel Surikov characterized by a desire to reconcile quest of the high formal qualities with large and responsible subjects of our revolutionary reality, i.e., to resolve one of the most urgent tasks of Soviet art, the exhibition of his should excite the special interest of the Soviet public.

(S. Chuikov, I. Starkov, Moscow, 1929)

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