Iosifovich Rougault

Russia • born in 1922

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.
1922 - 1998

Vladimir Iosifovich Rougeau was born in Smolensk on 1 July 1922.
Father – Rougeau Joseph Lukashevich, the mother zablocka Francis Bank.
Thirteen-year-old teenager, he apprenticed chefs Smolensk station and in the evening came to paint in the art room at the House of pioneers, where he was engaged in a teacher and artist F. F. Labrenz.
Trained in the Smolensk aeroclub, Then the pilot school (Borisoglebsk Order of Lenin red banner military aviation school of pilots imeni V. P. Chkalov), and graduated in 1945. But in 1941 Vladimir Iosifovich became a member of the Association of artists "Vsekohudozhnik".
After demobilization in 1947, Vladimir Gun again in Smolensk. Here he worked in book publishing, the newspaper "work path" and "Change". The artist loved his city. He excitedly drew the images reborn from the ruins of Smolensk, lyrical landscapes of the Smolensk region.
Member of USSR Union of artists since 1958, Vladimir Iosifovich has shown work at group exhibitions of different ranks and five personal exhibitions. He created a monumental series of etchings devoted to Smolensk.

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