France • born in XX century
Edmund Dulac (English Edmund Dulac, October 22, 1882, Toulouse - May 25, 1953, London) is among the largest French and English illustrators and designers of the first quarter of the twentieth century. A bright representative of Victorian fairy-tale painting and art nouveau, able to easily move from one genre to another.

Features creativity Edmund Dulac: His very first major work, an illustration to the collection of works by the Bronte sisters and to the collection of fairy tales “Thousand and One Nights”, clearly defined his style and accents. Victorian interiors, Oriental motifs, fabulous creatures, romantic scenes, mythical creatures and dramatic characters were carried out in vivid and detailed drawings. The heroes of the fairy tales G.Kh. Andersen, The Tempest by V. Shakespeare, The Rubaya by Omar Hayam, The Fairy Tales by Charles Perrot and many other works. The author has created charming types of Snow White and Princess Budur. All his works are painted with the spirit of Orientalism and demonstrate virtuoso and meticulous author's detailing.

Famous paintings by Edmund Dulac: "Little Fairies", "Princess on the Pea", "Cinderella" and many others.

The future great draftsman studied at the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse and briefly at the Academy of Julian in Paris. At age 22 he settled in London. He became the first illustrator, masterfully mastering the subtleties of color reproduction. Watercolor, gouache, ink and only the best paper - Dulac made no compromises or untidiness and realized his talent in all available areas: created caricatures, illustrated weeklies, wrote postal graphics and vintage series, designs of banknotes and medals, theatrical decorations costumes. He died of a heart attack in 1953. He went down in history as the great master of the Golden Age of Illustration.
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