Portrait of Madame LR.

Constantine Brancusi • Sculpture, 1918
About the artwork
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Art form: Sculpture
Date of creation: 1918
Artwork in collection: . Vyacheslav Dudin
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Description of the artwork «Portrait of Madame LR.»

Wooden sculptures of Constantin Brancusi were not enjoyed great popularity during the lifetime of the sculptor. He was known as the author carefully polished bronze works as a virtuoso Carver of marble. Even the admiring patrons Brancusi, happy to buy marble sculptures from wood politely refused. But for him the wood – the material with his tongue that should be heard as any other.
In a certain period that is wooden, usually oak, base stand, unique and not repetitive, often surpassing most of the work in size and scope, becoming an important accompaniment to the marble and bronze sculptures of Brancusi. A large, rough-hewn carved pedestal for the miniature mirror shiny bronze sculpture. The tree he is just a symbol and synonym of solidity, stability, firmness, connection with the earth and with the ancestors. Unlike marble and bronze, the tree – a living material, ephemeral, material, who was born, ate, grew and died. Wooden sculptures of Brancusi never covered with paint and not polished. In contrast to the solid, peaceful bronzes and marbles, the tree he's disturbing, vital, wild and frightening.
"Portrait of Madame L. R." - one of the first experiments Brancusi's carving. It seems that the figure is made like a vintage children's toy, from simple elements – a hastily twisted pieces of wood that were on hand and allowed to send a resemblance to the human figure. In fact it is carved from a solid piece of wood reanimated oak ceiling beams and an impressive effect simple wooden design here intentionally imitated.
The dedication of the mysterious sculpture Madame L. R., most likely has nothing to do with posing, but is associated with a specific person. Leonie Rica (L. R. – that's her initials) in the early twentieth century was a fashionable salon in Montparnasse for artists and poets. In addition to Brancusi, there have often been, for example, Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picassoand Amedeo Modigliani – their work is Madame Rick not only saw with delight, but keep buying, allowing you to cope with poverty. But during the First world war, when Brancusi worked on it with a wooden portrait, Leonie Rick lived far from Paris. So this portrait – rather, a memory, a longing for the other, or even accidentally noticing the similarity that became the name.
"Portrait of Madame L. R." was little known – from the workshop of the sculptor he immediately got into a private collection of his friend Fernand léger. Most likely, the sculpture was traded at the picture. In 2009, she first appeared in front of the audience – near a little-known paintings Cezanneand Matisse at the auction devoted to the sale of the collection Yves Saint Laurent and his friend Pierre bergé. And, previously estimated at 15-20 million euros, was sold for 29 million of the Money from the sale of works of art belonging to the famous fashion designer, directed on creation of the charitable Foundation. Studying here AIDS and are looking for funds to fight the disease.