born in XX century
Twinney dick ( Dick Twinney), English artist animal painter was born in 1943 in South Devon in Taymouth, UK . South Devon is an area of land with spectacular wildlife - a tidal river, swamps, home to various sea and marsh birds, as well as fields and forests populated by many mammal species from tiny mice to otters.
Dick Twinney - a self-taught artist. As a child he loved to observe the life of wildlife. Drawing dick worked first for pleasure, occasionally selling her paintings. Gradually his work became more professional . An example were three artists that he most admired: Archibald Thorburn (Archibald Thorburn), Robert Bateman (Robert Bateman) and Raymond Chin (Raymond Ching).
In 1973, he began working as a professional artist. In 1977 held his first exhibition. For years, dick joined the Agency art in London and began working as an Illustrator . Today he is a recognized artist-animal painter in the world. His works often appear in magazines . To date he has illustrated or contributed illustrations to more than 25 books for many international publishers. In addition, his picture is being used by such international manufacturers as porcelain Danbury Mint, Compton and Woodhouse and Kaiser Porcelain of Germany. He also designs for gifts industry.

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