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Born June 30, 1982 in the city of Shakhty, Rostov region. Graduated from the Southern Federal University as an interior designer. After graduation, worked in a stained-glass workshop, simultaneously engaged in the design and decoration of residential spaces. He mastered various arts and crafts techniques, bas-relief and sculpture.
In 2012 he created his first series of sketches, combining the plasticity of Japanese futuristic manga and the laconism of ancient Russian iconography. These were a kind of sketches of alien life forms that visited our world in the distant past and gave rise to intelligent life. Initially I wanted to call this concept a million years ago, but as is often the case, the project has begun to change in an unexpected direction, and acquire features of futurism. I changed the name of the project on Leodr - numerical in Old Russian language meaning a million. Alien aliens began to give way to people and high technology of the distant future. Instead of iconic landscapes, architecture in the spirit of socialism 70s. But the iconic plastic and laconicism were retained in order to emphasize the sublime worlds of the future. This is how iconic futurism, as I call this style, a kind of synthesis of spirituality and high technology, appeared.
As ideological inspirations I can name the writers Stanislav Lem and the Strugatsky brothers, whose world of Noon, with its super-civilizations of Wanderers and mysterious people, can be seen from time to time in my paintings.
From Lem I got the idea of the so-called "necrosphere", the evolution of automatic devices with artificial intelligence, described in the story "Invincible". This gave rise to a series of small format works in which geometric forms are hovering against a deserted architectural landscape. This is the same iconographic style, but with a certain suprematism. Paintings without titles, only serial numbers and the badge leodra - the letter "A" in a circle of commas, as well as the date of creation -3022, as if symbolizing the distant future, where people may no longer be. The series is called "Automatic Devices" and represents one of the branches of the Leodr project development.
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