Arcadian shepherds

Nicolas Poussin • Malerei, 1650, 121×85 cm
Über das Kunstwerk
Kunstgattung: Malerei
Kunststil: Klassizismus
Materialien: Leinwand
Erstellungsdatum: 1650
Größe: 121×85 cm
Region: Paris, France
Standort: Louvre, Paris
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Bildbeschreibung «Arcadian shepherds»

The shepherds living in idyllically beautiful country of Arcadia, a Paradise on earth, consider the tombstone. On it is carved the epitaph: Et in Arcadia Ego ("And I was in Arcadia"). Young people are at a loss: they clearly for the first time faced with reminders of death, which is inevitable even in a carefree Arcadia. So Poussin creates the classic version of the Baroque vanitas genre.