Rain in an oak forest

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin • Malerei, 1891, 124×204 cm
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Über das Kunstwerk
Kunstgattung: Malerei
Motiv und Objekte: Landschaft
Kunststil: Realismus
Technik: Öl
Materialien: Leinwand
Erstellungsdatum: 1891
Größe: 124×204 cm
Das Kunstwerk befindet sich in den ausgewählten Sammlungen: 68 selections
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Story der Ausstellungen

Bildbeschreibung «Rain in an oak forest»

"Rain in an oak forest" not just one of the landscapes of Shishkin. This picture stands out in his work. She is proof that Shishkin had a keen grasp of contemporary moods and trends, able to feel "where the wind blows" and remain true to yourself and your beautiful gift (contrary to statements about its old-fashioned). Also "Rain" is a response to critics claiming that the draftsman of Shishkin excellent, but the flavor of, say, owns weak. The answer that does not need words. Art historian Igor Dolgopolov calls "Rain in an oak forest" "a tribute to the great hold palette color" and we tend to agree with him.

In this picture Shishkin chose the most difficult task. Show a fresh-washed world after rain? Easy! Condensed air, stilled before the storm? Also not news. Shishkin writes rain itself, so to speak, the process of rain – and does it well. By the way, the motif of rain is one of my favorite Impressionists. Flirts whether Ivan with impressionism? Not at all. It meets the challenges of the times in which the Wanderers ceased to be the most acute and advanced artistic phenomenon. He hears and sees the dedication of new artists of color and color manipulation of the masses, it picks up traction to the lyric early in contrast, realist objectivity. Picks, but remains true to himself.

Of course, "Rain in an oak forest" — one of the most lyrical paintings of Shishkin. But this does not impressionistic "stop the moment", it is not a departure from the landscapes of Shishkin inherent monumentality. Astrogeology, sensual, fresh rainy landscape, touch the heart of human figures – all that remains is a kind of epic significance. This is not the fleeting moment that seems to be the essence of the rain and of human life.

The technical side of the picture is beyond praise. Fresh foliage and a resounding fresh, moist air, which seems to be pouring out from the canvas at the viewer, a haze of rain and fog you want (and think you can!) touch, we need only to reach out of the puddle, which reflects the trees and the sodden path, the dirt where you feel the feet of the spectator, the constant noise of drops, by the way, a fading noise, the rain is still going on, but you hear that it dies down?

This picture is proof of the relevance and modernity of Ivan Shishkin in his era and, perhaps, timelessness – in any era. In conclusion I want to quote the words all the same Igor Dolgopolov: ""Rain in an oak forest" — the smile of the painter, it is a compliment to the genre, but even in this painting in all its wonderful beauty appears to us the temple of nature".

Author: Alain Grosheva