Preguntas frecuentes

En esta sección hemos reunido las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes que surgen durante el uso de Arthive
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1) What is promotion of an artwork / artist / gallery?

This is an Arthive function, allowing to show your content to the largest number of users. The content will be featured at the most popular pages of Arthive.

2) Which content can be promoted?

The following content types can be promoted:
- an artwork, that you have added to Arthive;
- artist's page. It can be your page, or the page of an artist you represent;
- an exhibition you have added to Arthive.

3) What are promotion fees?

Current promotion fees are listed on this page.

4) How do I make the payment?

To make the payment you have to enter your card number. Please note that we do not get access to and do not store your payment card data.

5) Which period of time does the payment cover?

The content will be featured in the Recommended for seven days from the date of payment.

6) Can I promote the same content several times?

Yes, any content can be promoted for unlimited number of times.

7) Can I cancel promotion?

Promotion can be cancelled at any time. To do that please address Arthive tech support. Important note: the fees will not be reimbursed.