Les Podervyansky, Anastasia Podervyanskaya and Alexander Smirnov. KULTUR-NATUR

Exhibition October 10 − November 10, 2019
The Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakov in Lutsk presents the exhibition "KULTUR-NATUR". Three famous artists participate in this project - Les Podervyansky, his daughter Anastasia Podervyanskaya and son-in-law Alexander Smirnov. The exhibition includes paintings by the authors - canvas, oil, wood, metal.

“Man intends to leave traces after himself. Human footprints look like piles of stones, plastic, concrete, glass, wood and clay. Wood and clay eventually turn into the earth from which they came. Just like the tracks of animals. A true master leaves no traces, ”Les Podervyansky is convinced.

Les Podervyansky was born in 1952 in Kiev. Graduated from Kiev State Art Institute. Since 1980 - a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Pictures are stored in various art museums in Kiev and abroad, as well as in private collections. Lives and works in Kiev.