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Bones 2019

Exhibition December 17, 2019 − January 17, 2020
Museum of Art V.V. Vereshchagina 17 very young 16-00 vіdkrivaє exhibition in memory of Mikhail Ternovskiy “Kostichi-2019”, yak was awarded the holy memory of Mikhail Ternovskiy - Mikolai writer, member of the Journal of Traveling Ukraine, the author of the book “Journeys on Yakhit America and back ”,“ Diving stories ”, a diver, a yachtsman, a candidate for mainstream sports, a participant in the transatlantic regatta“ Flight 2000 ”at the famous Ykar yacht.
For Mikola artists it became a tradition for spring leather to come near the village of Kostichi Bashtansky district of the Mikola region, to the boutique of Mikhail Ternovsky. There, in the middle of the small open spaces, the plein air is located on the edge, robots are formed at the exhibition.
Galleries at the exhibition