Decorative minimalism. "Thaw" in Soviet porcelain. From the cycle "Christmas Present"

Exhibition December 26, 2020 − April 4, 2021
The State Hermitage is holding an exhibition from the cycle "Present to Christmas" - “Decorative minimalism. "Thaw" in Soviet porcelain ".

A variety of porcelain pieces on display in the East Gallery of the Winter Palace tell the story of the 1950s-1960s era, which is commonly referred to as the "thaw" period. The exposition includes more than one hundred and sixty porcelain items - sets, vases, samples of small plastic - creating a vivid and unique image of their time, as well as works by contemporary artists of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, prepared specially for the exhibition.

The period of Khrushchev's "thaw" was a time of significant changes in public consciousness and social life, which were vividly reflected in art and culture. The aesthetic dominant of the era is becoming "modern style" with its characteristic attraction to simple forms, orientation towards functionality, as well as convenience and economy in production. This is the style of everyday life - accessible and practical. The sources of the formation of the new style were the artistic traditions of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, the creative searches of the representatives of the Russian avant-garde, folk art and archaism, as well as contemporary foreign fine and decorative-applied art. In the art of porcelain, the "thaw" manifested itself in the active development of forms, renewal of the theme of paintings, the development of an innovative artistic language, which can be described as "decorative minimalism".

Prepared based on materials from the official website of the museum The State Hermitage Museum.