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"Two Shores," Oleg Kulikov and Sergey Ledyaev

Exhibition 2 − June 19, 2022
"Two Shores" is the name of the exhibition of the two artists Oleg Kulikov and Sergey Ledyaev, who met on the banks of the Neva, two worlds, two friends, two authors who felt a kinship of souls at the first meeting.
Oleg Kulikov's works are executed in the technique of encaustic, which is rare today but has a very long history. Wax is the binder for the colors, and wood is used as the basis for painting. Works made in this technique have an extraordinary depth, mystery, paint layer as if illuminated from within.
Sergei, on the other hand, mostly uses materials that have become traditional - oil, canvas. For him, the attractive properties of this painting technique are plasticity and high variability.
The works of both artists are filled with subtle lyricism, love, semantic and pictorial layering, a gentle attitude to the world, irony and spontaneity of the embodiment of creative tasks.
Oleg lived and worked in the West, in Europe and North America, Sergey, on the contrary, is a man with Eastern roots and has lived all his life in the East, namely in Kazakhstan, and his attitude to life is largely formed by the Eastern worldview. Different conditions of formation do not prevent both artists to feel the world as an inseparable unity, the interaction of East and West, Vertical and Horizontal, Heaven and Earth, the Explainable and the Inexplicable....
They are like two banks of the same River, the River of Life.
Galleries at the exhibition