From Picasso to Kentridge: Modern Masterpieces on Paper

L'exposition 8 juillet − 31 décembre 2021
Israel Museum, Jerusalem presents the exhibition "From Picasso to Kentridge: Modern Masterpieces on Paper.

Following a broad time scale, the exhibition includes major movements such as Cubism, Expressionism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Minimalism. The drawings, which illustrate different periods and styles, are done in a variety of techniques, from dotted line drawings to collages and more. Among the 70 artists represented are Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Alberto Giacometti, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Basil Kandinsky, William Kentridge, René Magritte, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

The artists whose works are on display were guided by a wide variety of philosophies, ideologies and goals; what they shared was a search for innovative ways to express the new and radical ideas of the century. Many of the exhibits in the Israel Museum will be on display for the first time to the general public. The fragility of the paper, the rapid fading of the materials used by the artists require a special regime of storage of the drawings of the great masters - they cannot be displayed in a permanent exhibition, they need a sparing lighting regime and must "rest" for several months before they can be shown again. For example, one of the jewels of the Israel Museum's collection of drawings, Paul Klee's New Angel, can be exhibited for only two months of the year.

Prepared according to the materials of the official website Israel Museum.