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Worlds and Symbols Evgeny Zhavoronkov

L'exposition 14 septembre − 1 octobre
Worlds and Symbols by Evgeny Zhavoronkov.
Evgeny Zhavoronkov is an artist whose work is filled with awe and admiration for the world.
Each of his works - at the command of the master, filled with characters and events, in the reality of which it is impossible not to believe. His painting is distinguished by the Old Testament worldview, with a riot of passions and faith in a higher law, and in graphics there is purity and peace. His graphic sheets are like lace woven by the goddesses of destiny. They begin with a point, an idea and a feeling, and continue into a universe of symbols and meanings. They capture that moment of divine creation, when the world is still a paradise filled with purity and light. And thanks to the artist's graphics, we continue to believe in this possibility.
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