Violin and palette

Georges Braque • Painting, 1909, 92×43 cm
About the artwork
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Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Still life
Style of art: Cubism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1909
Size: 92×43 cm
Artwork in selections: 32 selections

Description of the artwork «Violin and palette»

Protosubstance picture "Violin and palette" was written at the beginning of a new era in the work of Georges Braque. If the previous year he devoted mostly to landscapes (1, 2, 3), then in 1909 they were almost completely supplanted the still lifes. For the most part – with musical instruments: violins, guitars and mandolins. They will remain a favorite story of Marriage throughout his artistic career.

In this period of the paintings of Marriage is gradually disappearing the figurative. The artist breaks up objects into fragments which are then "intervenes" in the background, as if hiding them among the other elements of the leaf, turning them into pieces of a puzzle. But to the Mature cubist irrelevance is still far. Simplifying forms, Marriage retains the unmistakably recognizable objects, with astounding precision, skill and grace prescribing the individual elements. For example, the shape of the violin we see immediately, but only upon closer inspection, it becomes obvious how much the Marriage is reproduced.

The muted colors allow the artist to build such a play of light and shadow when you move the view on the surface of the canvas or just careful scrutiny begins to seem that some elements of the picture move or merge with others.

You can compare the "Violin and palette" with the earlier work of Marriage – "Landscape near Antwerp"he wrote shortly before the beginning of the cubist experiments. Between them – a stark contrast in the color palette, shapes and objects using shadows. The skill with which made the two paintings leaves no doubt, but between them there is a huge difference terms of color and clarity. In the painting "Landscape near Antwerp" we don't see individual parts, only masses of shapes and outlines, the Artist uses different colors to indicate different heights and depths of the landscape. "Violin and palette" is a Marriage literally "dissect" things, breaking them apart, but managing to maintain a delicate detail.

Author: Evgeny Sidelnikov.