Владимировна Хазэ

Germany • Ubach-Palenberg • born in 1985 • artist
Ordering an artwork
My Name is Irina Haase. I was born in 1985 in the Russian northern town New Urengoy, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. At the age of 27 I moved to Germany.
I draw since childhood and I am engaged in writing of novels, this is my everything!

In works I am constantly looking for something new, trying different techniques and materials. I have millions of ideas, and gradually I implement them.
I work in techniques: realism, symbolism, naive art, caricature. I am pleased to draw people, paint portraits (from photos and from life), animals and landscapes. I draw my own made-up cartoon characters, use them in depicting my ideas - with text and without, humorous and serious, with meaning. In addition to the above, I illustrate books, for example, my own novels.

With an important point, I want to note that I’m happy to hand-paint clothes (for example, T-shirts), as well as dishes. With my own ideas, portraits, animals, nature or others pictures.

Creating my works, depending on a surface to be painted, I use textile paints, paints on porcelain, glass and ceramics, acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, colored, water-color or lead pencils, pastel chalks and pencils, felt-tip, markers, ballpoint and gel pens.

In addition to the execution of my creative ideas, I work with orders with pleasure - portraits, thematic orders, bringing the customer's idea to a complete creative look.

On conclusion, I will add that I have a creative page on the Internet with my works and the works of my brother and sister.
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