Moon path

Ivan Aivazovsky • Painting, XIX century
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About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Marina
Style of art: Romanticism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: XIX century
Artwork in selections: 16 selections
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Description of the artwork «Moon path»

Since ancient times, night has been perceived as the most mysterious time. In the old days, it frightened people by forming the silhouettes of terrible creatures. But at the same time, there was also the moon, partly appearing from behind the clouds to illuminate the way for sea travellers by lining a path on the quiet surface of the water. This is a truly mesmerizing sight a creative-minded person just could not overlook. The desire to unravel this natural mystery gave rise to Aivazovsky’s Moon Path painting.

The whole world knows Ivan Aivazovsky's seascapes. The sea has always been his main love and muse. The painter could paint it endlessly. No one has succeeded in depicting the sea on canvas as accurately and naturally as maestro Aivazovsky did. The secret of the realism of his seascapes lies in the skilful reproduction of the colour palette. Therefore, admiring the Moon Path painting by Aivazovsky the viewer seems to be on the seashore himself, deeply breathing in the humid and salty air.

The painter found something fascinating and mysterious in the night seascapes, so he was able to create real masterpieces of the most ordinary things. Likewise, Aivazovsky’s Moon Path painting helps other people to capture the beauty of the moment. The canvas is painted in emerald and blue tones, this blend enabled the artist to recreate the poetry of the night. The artist periodically returned to such works, but he used a less saturated palette.

Aivazovsky’s Moon Path painting is recognized by critics as one of the best creations of the great artist. The first thing you cannot ignore is the optical illusion, which the hand of the genius depicted on the canvas so carefully. If you look closely, you get the impression that the moon path is moving. From whatever angle the viewer looks at the picture, the optical trick directs the path directly to him/her.

However, this seascape is also notable for the fact that it gives rise to lyrical feelings. The canvas can be regarded as a declaration of love for the delightful beauty of the quiet night under the moon. The picture symbolizes the harmony of man and the water element. Here, the moon outlines the landmarks, showing the right path. Aivazovsky conveyed the light streaming through the water in rich shades. The colour combinations turned out to be so harmonious that they do not contrast, but on the contrary, smoothly flow into each other, creating an integral whole. The play of the saturated shades and the light soothing tones made it possible to display the environment as realistically as possible.

If you look closely at the picture and even listen carefully, you can distinguish splashes of water hitting the oars against the quiet noise of waves. The city, seen in the background, is fast asleep, and the sea does not disturb anyone’s peace. The light breeze lulls everything around. Once again, this proves how plausibly Aivazovsky portrayed the nightlife. Under the smart brush of the genius, a perfect creation was born capable of amazing, soothing and inspiring.