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Self-portrait with yellow lilies

Natalia Goncharova • Painting, 1907, 77×58.2 cm
About the artwork
This artwork was added since it is referred to in the materials below
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1907
Size: 77×58.2 cm
Artwork in selections: 40 selections

Description of the artwork «Self-portrait with yellow lilies»

"Self-portrait with yellow lilies" – the image is not just man, woman, and artist. Natalia Goncharova had an incredible work ethic. During her life, she had to work, it seems, in all directions, which was so rich in the age of modernism. Here she is depicted in the formative period of his talent. Goncharova's still fascinated by impressionism, evidenced by the soft tints of the paintings in the background and a white blouse. But the blazing Lily in the hands of the artist I refer to the post-impressionism and Fauvism and even quite definitely in common with van Gogh.

Goncharova painted a deliberately large, there is no "subtlety of delicate wrists", on the contrary – an armful of shining lilies holds the hand of the toiler, strong hand of the artist. Marina Tsvetaeva describes Goncharov: "External phenomenon Goncharova. First thing: masculinity. (...) Straightness traits and look, the seriousness is about, not the severity! — all shape. The person must be serious. Almost without a smile, but when the smile is charming". Indeed, soft disarming smile, smart, somewhat sarcastic and ironic glance soften the rudeness of hell and give the whole image of the artist's tenderness and openness. Not the tenderness of her great-great-grandmother and namesake, Natalie Goncharova (Pushkin's wife) expressed in sloping lines, elegant features and delicate curves and soft strong and wise woman, not a naive openness of a child, but the openness of the artist, quickening with his own hands the canvas.

The face of the heroine of the portrait looks like it is canvas. Think texture it is similar to the paintings in the background. And indeed, a few years Natalia Goncharova, along with her husband Mikhail Larionov, David Burlyuk and other futurists will be walking around town, decorate the face with paint. No, not in the sense of make-up, talking about what we now call a face-art, when the face becomes a canvas.

Author: Alain Esaulova