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Birth Of Venus

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1486, 172.5×278.5 cm • Tempera, Wood

Description of the artwork «Birth Of Venus»

The Picture Of Botticelli's "Birth Of Venus" The Renaissance gave mankind many masterpieces, among which pride of place belongs to the work of Botticelli. The works of the great Florentine attract the attention of visitors to the Uffizi gallery, impressing the audience with elegance and beauty, captured images, beautiful rhythm and the subtle play of shades.
The Painting "Birth Of Venus" Sandro Botticelli was written, as suggested by most historians, to Lorenzo de ' Medici, a cousin of the Duke of Florence. As well as another work by Botticelli, "Spring", the picture was kept in the Villa of Castello, which was owned by the Medici in 1486. The model for the Central figure of this masterpiece is considered to be Simonetta Vespucci — the Incomparable and Beautiful Simonetta, the former first beauty of Florence. This girl, during his short life won the hearts of many, according to contemporaries, distinguished by beauty, charm and gentle disposition. No wonder that she is depicted in the painting of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" in which the main character is the beautiful goddess of love. It is not known which felt great painter to Simonetta, however, her features veiled in the guise of the heroines of other works by the artist, written after the death of Vespucci.

Analysis and description

In the Renaissance, first in the art to the fore the beauty of the world, in opposition to asceticism and religious background of the works of the middle Ages. For the artist was especially important to show the connection between spiritual and physical beauty: the picture of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" demonstrates the successful achievement of this goal.
The plot revolves around the figure of a beautiful ancient goddess, born from sea foam. She floats on the waves in a seashell wings Zephyr the West wind. Interestingly, the dominance of Marshmallow in the Mediterranean sea begins in the spring, and thus, the birth of Venus falls on this period. On the shore Venus is preparing to celebrate the springtime and flowering Tallo, who holds the purple cloak to wrap the newborn goddess.
Delicate face of the heroine of the canvas has a great similarity with those of Madonna, and her posture and body shape — with the ancient Greek sculptures. So the artist emphasized the relationship of antiquity and Christianity. The naked Venus the artists of the Renaissance symbolized not sensuality and earthly pleasure, and the love of heaven, virginity and innocence that were considered the highest virtues.
In the painting "Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli, every detail has a very special meaning. Use a variety of symbols, religious iconography and absolute harmony of the composition as a whole make the canvas of the outstanding Florentine a true masterpiece for all times, the study and deciphering of which is not finished until now.
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Landscape, Nude, Mythological scene
Style of art and technique: Renaissance, Tempera

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