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  • Spring-red and snow maiden. From sketches based on Russian folk tales
  • Erysichthon sells into slavery for his daughter Mnestra
  • II the death of Sardanapalus (1844)
Mythological scene
Collects Open
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  • "Buddha-the ENLIGHTENED one"
  • "The Buddha-LIGHT"
  • The three main deities in the Buddhist monastery, Chinaclear in Sikkim
Religious scene
Collects Open
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  • The Madonna with the long neck
  • The Conversion Of Saul
  • Portrait of a lady in Turkish costume
Mannerism - the art of gesture
Collects Irina Olikh
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  • The Nativity Of The Virgin
  • The punishment of hell fire
  • Hell, detail: the Damned
Domenico Beccafumi
6 artworks • 0 comment

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