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Selling digital copies of artworks

1) Who can sell digital copies?

Selling digital copies is available to PRO-account users.

2) How to list a digital copy for sale?

Check the Digital copy box at the Sale section, make sure the image complies with the set requirements.

3) Can I sell a digital copy of an artwork that has not been added to Arthive before?

Yes, of course. To do that you need to edit the artwork and fill out the required fields.

4) What are the required image properties?

Upload images with maximum resolution. The buyer will see the image resolution and physical print sizes at 300 and 150 dpi.

5) Which payment system is used for the payouts?

All payouts are made via PayPal. Minimal withdrawal amount is €50.

6) What is the Arthive's commission on digital copies sales?

Arthive charges a 30 % commission from each sale.

7) Where is the digital copies sales history is reflected?

All transaction are listed on the Payouts page in Transactions section.