Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • geboren in 1994 • künstler, Sammler, Kunstfreund
Bestellung eines Kunstwerks
My name is, Anna, and I'm an artist, let's get acquainted.

I was born in Ufa, but until the age of 18 I lived in Nefteyugansk, the oil capital of Russia, where I graduated from the S.P. Diaghilev Children's Art School. I am a laureate of several international and Russian competitions. Further lived in several cities Ufa, Vienna (Austria), Moscow and creativity in one way or another manifested itself in my life.
In 2016 my personal exhibition was held in the shopping center "Gallery ART" in Ufa city

For a long time I didn't want to return to creativity and denied my creative abilities because I couldn't keep my inner state of flow. It's a strange state when painting comes from your soul and it took me a while to nurture this possibility in myself

In 2023 I came back to creativity after a trip to India, having undergone an inner transformation, my works became more powerful energetically and I wanted to share my inner state with people through my paintings. I developed my own style.

I prefer to write paintings depicting women, their inner state, everyone sees something different in them.

I'd be happy to share some of my love with you.
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