France • 1845−1924

Painter (historical and religious scenes, portraits), muralist, and teacher, whose N.To. Roerich studied in 1900-1. in Paris. The Chairman of the jury at the Elysee salon. He was awarded the Legion of honor. Refused the title of academician. N. To. dedicated to him "leaf journal", 1937, mentioned in other articles.

Fernand Kormon began to study art in Brussels, with Jean-françois Portel. In 1863, the young artist returned to Paris where he continued his studies under the leadership of Alexander Cabanela and Eugen Fromentine.

In his work the Academy of arts he has always adhered to the requirements of academic art. Since 1868 he exhibited his works at the Paris Salons. In the 1880's, the Academy of arts he has created and led private art school (Atelier Kormon); among his pupils should be called by such masters as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh, Louis Personal, Eugene Bosch, Emile Bernard, and others. In the Studio of Cormon studied Borisov-Musatov, Roerich, mane-Katz and other artists of Russian origin.

In 1880 Ferdinand the Academy of arts he became a knight of the Legion of honor. Shortly thereafter, the Academy of arts he made a trip to Tunisia and Brittany. In 1898 he took charge of the National school of fine arts; in the same year the Academy of arts he became a member of the Academy of fine arts.

In his works the artist developed primarily historical and religious themes. Was also known as the great portrait master. Works are in the Louvre Museum and other famous collections of art.

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