Russia • 1833−1900

She studied at the Academy of arts under the guidance of Professor M. N. Vorobiev and F. A. Bruni. Having received from the Academy in 1853-54 g. small and large gold medals were sent abroad. In düsseldorf he worked with A. Achenbach, Switzerland at Kalami, and then in Rome and Paris. In 1861, recognized as an academician. In 1870 sent to Russia to study Russian types. From 1865 to 1885 was a teacher in St. Petersburg. drawing school of the Imperial society for the encouragement of arts.

The creative life of Goravsky Apollinaris Gilerovich typical for artists, widely well-known contemporaries, but seldom mentioned nowadays. Precocious talent for drawing allowed a young man of seventeen one of the villages of Minsk province to enter the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg. Teachers A. Goravsky was a famous master of painting and excellent teachers M. N. Sparrows and F. A. Bruni. So the artist quickly enough mastering academic painting course (1850-1854), finishing the Academy with high honors. From 1855 to 1860 during the fellowship trip A. Goravsky polished his skills in Europe. Next — return to St. Petersburg, the title of academician, teaching, love of landscape and portraiture, frequent trips to Russia (a lot of landscapes executed in a native artist of Belarus).

Not rising to the heights of Russian geniuses of painting, A. G. Goravsky worked in accordance with his remaining top talent. Here are the pictures — evidence of this.

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